Higher bed for children FLORAL MEADOW

Higher bed for children FLORAL MEADOW

Higher bed for children FLORAL MEADOW

Lithuanian bed for two children FLOWER MEADOW - when there is not enough space and you do not want a bunk bed. This is a raised furniture collection for children FLOWER bed with a very spacious drawer for the bedding of both children. It is possible to make twin beds and place them in different parts of the room or use them permanently.

Flowers are carved by hand only for wooden beds.

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Lithuanian bed for two children FLOWER MEADOW - when there is not enough space in the house and you do not want a bunk bed. This is an improved version of the bed for children and young people. It has taller, roomy drawers with extended sides of the bed.

Description / specification

External dimensions of the bed for two children:

Size 180x80 cm WxHxH: 188x89,2x94 cm. Mattresses 180x80/170x80 cm are required.

Size 200x90 cm WxHxH: 208x99,2x94 cm. Required mattresses 200x90/190x90 cm.

The bed for two children consists of:

Drawer for bedding: over the entire width of the bed, H- 22,9 / 21,8 cm, internal depth H- 19 cm.

Drawer-bed with grill: H- 46,8 cm.

The highest curb for boarding H-58.7 cm.

The lower part of the bed with a sleeping drawer can be pulled out and placed in another place in the children's room, or a stationary version is produced.

Rubberized drawer casters roll quietly and do not scratch the floor.

For younger children, extra bed security is available.

Bed carvings

Made for children with or without carvings - choose.

The carvings are hand-carved only for wooden beds for children.


Made of MDF/birch (we use high-quality, hardened MDF, which significantly strengthens the strength of the furniture) or birchwood furniture panel. Birch belongs to the group of hardwoods, so furniture made of this wood will serve you for many years. Birchwood is especially suitable for small children's sleep, as it is soothing, relaxing, and ecological.

The finish uses safe, luxurious paints that provide a durable cleaning film. Color white or selectable from the NCS color catalog.

The bed for two children FLOWER MEADOW is self-assembled furniture.

Warranty: 2 years.

Lithuanian product.

We can conclude an individual purchase and sale agreement with you.



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Higher bed for children FLORAL MEADOW

Higher bed for children FLORAL MEADOW

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