Quarrantee Vaikovaikams.eu

1. Each product's properties generally specified to each product at the e-shop. If a Customer has doubts about selected product properties, he must have to inform Vaikovaikams.eu and before buying a product he must make sure, that product properties fit the Customer's perceptions and expectations.

2. Vaikovaikams.eu specified and Customer confirms, that is privy that products, specified at e-shop, with its color, form, and other properties can not be fitted real product sizes, forms, and colors because of using different monitor properties.

3. In the aspect of products Vaikovaikams.eu commits:

3.1. To take products of suitable quality and congruous in order to provided requirements.

3.2. To take for a Customer in the order specified product quantity. Vaikovaikams.eu is not responsible, these cases, when taken product quantity isn't right because, the Customer wrong specified data in order, to take at Vaikovaikams.eu.

3.3. To take all inset of products included things, when in order is specified certain things set.

3.4. To transport products packed, considering its properties, to make sure, that products would be safe at transporting time and fits to use by purpose.

4. Vaikovaikams.eu is selling products, which fit in order for specified conditions. In these cases, when products taken at Customer, do not fit orders specifications, the Customer agrees immediately to inform about that case on this mobile phone +370 61673390 or E-mail info@vaikovaikams.eu. We are recommended to Client to take a photo of seen defects and immediately sent photos at Seeler using E-mail. In that case, the manufacturer of the product must be identifying to give or not guarantee for defect, it means, the product has got or hasn't factory defect. About the Manufacturer's decision, Seller informs the Buyer by referred communication devices in 3 working days' time and says how much time needs that defects can be removed.

If the defect isn't very big, we must send it to Buyer's new parts. If defects are too big-we send other products. All that is doing with Sellers resources.

5. If defects appeared from Vaikovaikams.eu or it's named acting third parts fault, Vaikovaikams.eu must have to eliminate defects, for both of sides suitable time, which is coordinated with the Customer. If defects aren't eliminated, the Customer has got its rights to defend at the Republic of Lithuania (The Civil Code) provided procedure.

6. Guarantee conditions:

6.1. Guarantee applicable for product quality defects, which was caused by Manufacturer fault.

6.2. Guarantee is valid for all furniture's set parts and equipped details, except household appliances and light bulbs, transformers, which are in built-in furniture.

6.3. Natural product's abrasion or its properties changing aren't product quality defects.

6.4. Natural wood's texture and tone different aren't product quality defects.

6.5. Natural material or leather abrasion changes aren't product quality defects.

7. Guarantee service doesn't valid in these cases when products are unduly operating or damaged by Buyer's fault.

8. It is important to know: guarantee valid time starts to be valid from that day when products transferring at Buyer. The guarantee is given only when taken these buying documents:

PVM invoice,

Buying check,

Products guarantee of quality document.

Keep these documents safe, do not throw away them till guarantee time has been finished.