User gained products return process is doing based on Republic of Lithuania Civil Code, August 17th of 2001 years, Republic of Lithuania economics Order of the Minister No. 258 "For things selling and services given, when contracts used link measures rules confirmation", June 29th of 2001 years Republic of Lithuania economics Order of the Minister No. 217 " For things return and change rules confirmation".

1. The Buyer (consumer) have got rights to refuse of product buying and selling contract, informed the Seller within 7 working days from product delivery time, for theese conditions:

1.1. The Buyer has got right to refuse of products buying and selling contract just in this case, if product is good quality, hadn't been damaged and in principle don't have looks changes (product or his package looks changes, which was necessary want to see product, aren't principles product looks changes);

1.2. When the Seller has got writed notice about buying and selling contract refusal, products would be returned by the Seller's account within 15 days from notice received.

1.3. When the Seller has got returned products and estimate it's quality, within 15 days from writed notice about buying and selling contract refusal receiving day, would be returned product price and product delivery tax. If returned just part of buyed products, delivery tax wouldn't be returned.

1.4. The Buyer can't use in 1 item specified right to refuse product buying and selling contract, if contract formed for: audio-visual works and phonograms in any video and audio, software sales (if the Buyer has been damaged package protections), newspapers, magazines or other periodicals selling, products, which were manufactured by the Buyer individual order or clearly applied to him, or which from its nature after their taking to the buyer, can no longer be returned, because of losts his sales properties (loss) is perishable or it's expiry time is finished;

1.5. Products are returned in original package (together with instruction and guarantee document, of thei has been together with product). For returning must to take original PVM invoice, which the Buyer received together with package, if returned all suitable by the Invoice given products or  Invoice copy, if received part by Invoice given products and with hand formed and written buying-selling contract refuce notice form, in which must to take returned reason;

1.6. For received product suitable package completing and puting up is responsible the Buyer. If product isn't completed and (or) suitable package, the Seller can decline received product.