I. General previsions.

1. E-shop (further - shop) rules (further -Rules) applying at Customer, when he's taking an order to buy products from E-shop www.vaikovaikams.eu. This shop created and products in it selling JSC "Orewa", juridical identity code 302588466, PVM code LT 100005964418, address Pramonës st. 97, 11115 Vilnius, mobile phone +370 61673390, E-mail info@vaikovaikams.eu.

2. Vaikovaikams.eu has got rights to edit Shop Rules.

Rules, valid at ordering time is applying to Customer, when he is shopping in Shop including and order implementation.

3. Customer can't take an order from Vaikovaikams.eu if he isn't get acquainted with Shop Rules. At all cases, if the Customer press "Agree" button near adequated link, he express his acceptance with Rules. In theese cases, when the Customer partly or completely disagree for all or parlty of Rules, he mustn't take an order by E-mail from Vaikovaikams.eu, opposite case is keeping that the Customer read and agree without reservation with all Shop Rules.

4. Vaikovaikams.eu relieved from every responsibility theese cases, when losses comes that Customer ignored to him given recommendations and his commitments, do not met Shop Rules, although for him was given that possibility.

II. Order placing procedure and conditions.

1. The Customer visited Shop's website Vaikovaikams.eu, choose his liked products. Products cart would be formed by his selection basis.

2. When Products cart is formed, Customer must to log on in a given registration form. The Customer must to take data, which are necessary for selected products shipping: his name, surname, address, where products need to be transported, telephone number and additional information, which would be important for shipping ordered products. Vaikovaikams.eu confirm, that Customer's given data would be used just for products selling and buying purposes, do not damaged law acts provided by identity of data protection in Republic of Lithuania.

3. When has been completed registration form, Customer's connection data would be send in marked E-mail.

4. At final window would be generated all Customer's taken data, which confirmed, the Customer must be sure that data is right and congruous his requests. The Customer has got possibility to edit wrong data before sending his order at Vaikovaikams.eu. The Customer also have possibility to edit his identity data , which is necessary for products shipping,even after order placing, however till realization starting (payment).The Customer don't have possibility to confirm order till this moment, when he isn't marked, that is readed and agree with Vaikovaikams.eu Shop Rules. In this way, that before products selection, the Customer isn't met with Shop Rules, he must have do this before confirmed his order.

5. When the Customer confirms an order, it would be sent to Vaikovaikams.eu. Order would be accepted till this moment, when it would be received by Vaikovaikams.eu. Together, in this way, is confirmed that with the Customer and Vaikovaikams.eu is contract (buying-selling) for all products in cart. However, this contract would be done just from this moment, when Vaikovaikams.eu have received confirmation from Customer's bank about paying of products.

6. When the Customer have confirmed order, Vaikovaikams.eu system automatically sent E-mail for a Customer, in E-mail is selected ordered products and the Customer's given data for products shipping.

7. When Vaikovaikams.eu received notice from bank, that the Customer have done payment for products from Shop, Customer would receive notice to E-mail from Vaikovaikams.eu, that order is placing.

When products have been sent, the Customer receive notice, that order have been sent.

8. The Customer's placed order has been saved in Vaikovaikams.eu data base, with reference to Republic of Lithuania valid law acts, for that data like this, saving time.

9. Contract is done and placing by law for Republic of Lithuania.


III. Guarantee for products.

1. Each product properties generally specified to each product at e-shop. If Customer have doubts for selected product properties, he must have to inform Vaikovaikams.eu and before buying product he must be make sure, that product properties fits Customers perceptions and expectations.

2. Vaikovaikams.eu specified and Customer confirm, that is privyed that products, specified at e-shop, with it's colour,form and other properties can not be fited real products sizes, forms and colours because of using different monitor properties.

3. In aspect of procucts Vaikovaikams.eu commits:

3.1. To take products in suitable quality and congruous in order provided requirements.

3.2. To take for a Customer in order specified products quantity. Vaikovaikams.eu is not responsible, theese cases, when taken products quantity isn't right because, the Customer wrong specified data in order, to teken at Vaikovaikams.eu.

3.3. To take all in set of products included things, when in order is specified certain things set.

3.4. To transport products packed, considering to it's properties, to make sure, that products would be safe at transporting time and fits to use by purpose.

4. Vaikovaikams.eu is selling products, which fits in order specified conditions. Theese cases, when products taked at Customer, do not fits orders specifications, the Customer agree immediately inform about that case at this mobile phone +370 61673390 or E-mail info@vaikovaikams.eu. We are recommended to Client to take a photo of seen defects and immediately sent photos at Seeler using E-mail. In that case, Manufacturer of poduct must be identifying to give or not guarantee for defect, it means, the product has got or hasn't factory defect. About Manufacturer decision, Seller informs the Buyer by reffered communication devices in 3 working days time and say how much time need that defects can be removed.

If defect isn't very big, we must send to Buyer new parts. If defects are too big-we send other product. All that is doing with Sellers resources.

5. If defects appeared from Vaikovaikams.eu or it's name acting third parts fault, Vaikovaikams.eu must have to eliminate defects, for both of sides suitable time, which is coordinated with the Customer. If defects isn't eliminated, the Customer has got it's rights defend at Republic of Lithuania (The Civil Code) provided procedure.

6. Guarantee conditions:

6.1. Guarantee applicable for products quality defects, which was coused with Manufacturer fault.

6.2. Guarantee is valid for all furniture's set parts and equipped details, except household appliances and lights bulbs, transformers, which are in built in furnitures.

6.3. Natural product's abrasion or it's properties changing aren't products quality defect.

6.4. Natural wood's texture and tone differents aren't products quality defect.

6.5. Natural material or leather abrasion changes aren't products quality defect.

7. Guarantee service doesn't valided in these cases, when products are unduly operating or damaged by Buyer's fault.

8. It is important to know: guarantee valid time starts to be valid fromthat day, when products transfering at Buyer. Guarantee given only when taken theese buying documents:

PVM invoice,

Buying check,

Products guarantee of quality document.

Keep theese documents safe, do not throw away them till guarantee time has been finished.

IV. Settings of products prices.

1. The Customer agree, that him in webpage Shop submited order for products he must pay price, which is specified in order.

2. Prices at Shop and order specified EUR with PVM.

IV. Payment terms and conditions.

1. The Customer pay for his ordered products one of Vaikovaikams.eu Shop's specified ways: bank transfer or pay by cash, when courier has delivered products.

2. The Customer commits from ordered products pay immediately, opposite case, hehave lose rights to take claims for products delivery time damage, however by Customer's order products package started to form just Vaikovaikams.eu received payment for products.

3. If within 3 days, we don't have received payment for products, order have been canceled.

4. When payment doing by bank transfer, in "destination" place need to write PVM account number and order number, Customer's name and surname, who name was placed order.

5. When payment doing by courier deliveres package (valid just for products, which is existing at ordering time (have)) the Buyer must have to take payment at courier by cash, which is specified in order. Must have to have cash without return.

V. Other revisions.

1. All notices Vaikovaikams.eu must be placed at E-mail info@vaikovaikams.eu or mobile phone +370 616 73390.

2. Contract is formed, implement and all communication from the Customer and Vaikovaikams.eu is going in state language.

VI. Procucts delivery.

1. You can take an order of products at E-shop in all, for you comfortable, time.

Courier's service deliver ordered products at home by fixed appraisement.

Some of products you can take yourself from our salon. Products at salon sent, so in the price includes and delivery tax.

2. About ready order we inform you by E-mail.

3. The Seller takes products for a buyer near product specified periods, if period isn't selected, in this way, procucts given takes 2 - 4 days from payment of products receiving day.

4. If order has payment by cash, you need to be real, that at delivery time, you have correct sum of cach, selected in your order.

5. Selected shipping prices valid in all Lithuania, furnitures delivered to the house without take up service.

If you want to receive additional furnitures take up or assemblage service-inform us.

6. Furnitures deliver do not assemblages.

7. Shipping to Kuršių Nerija costs additional. Need to combine shipping possibility.


When courier has been delivered products, the buyer (receiver of products) must have to view and make sure, that package isn't damaged (crumled, wet or damaged other way from external). If package have been damaged, the buyer must to write with courier package damage act, because later claims of products damage wouldn't be accepted. The Buyer, about product damage, must immediately inform the seller by telephone or E-mail.


Products can receive just order gived person, or person, who is selected in ordering time. So that, when you receiving products, you must have to yours identity confirming documents.

VII. Products return and change.

User gained products return process is doing based on Republic of Lithuania Civil Code, August 17th of 2001 years, Republic of Lithuania economics Order of the Minister No. 258 "For things selling and services given, when contracts used link measures rules confirmation", June 29th of 2001 years Republic of Lithuania economics Order of the Minister No. 217 " For things return and change rules confirmation".

1. The Buyer (consumer) have got rights to refuse of product buying and selling contract, informed the Seller within 7 working days from product delivery time, for theese conditions:

1.1. The Buyer has got right to refuse of products buying and selling contract just in this case, if product is good quality, hadn't been damaged and in principle don't have looks changes (product or his package looks changes, which was necessary want to see product, aren't principles product looks changes);

1.2. When the Seller has got writed notice about buying and selling contract refusal, products would be returned by the Seller's account within 15 days from notice received.

1.3. When the Seller has got returned products and estimate it's quality, within 15 days from writed notice about buying and selling contract refusal receiving day, would be returned product price and product delivery tax. If returned just part of buyed products, delivery tax wouldn't be returned.

1.4. The Buyer can't use in 1 item specified right to refuse product buying and selling contract, if contract formed for: audio-visual works and phonograms in any video and audio, software sales (if the Buyer has been damaged package protections), newspapers, magazines or other periodicals selling, products, which were manufactured by the Buyer individual order or clearly applied to him, or which from its nature after their taking to the buyer, can no longer be returned, because of losts his sales properties (loss) is perishable or it's expiry time is finished;

1.5. Products are returned in original package (together with instruction and guarantee document, of thei has been together with product). For returning must to take original PVM invoice, which the Buyer received together with package, if returned all suitable by the PVM invoice given products or PVM invoice copy, if received part by PVM invoice given products and with hand formed and written buying-selling contract refuce notice form, in which must to take returned reason;

1.6. For received product suitable package completing and puting up is responsible the Buyer. If product isn't completed and (or) suitable package, the Seller can decline received product.