Payment ant delivery conditions


Bank transfer.

1.1   You can pay for your order by bank transfer for full payment.

1.2   Client commits to do the payment immediately, other way the client cannot complain for longer terms of delivery. We start forming the order only when we get the payment.

1.3   There are 3 days limit for the payment, other way the order will be suspended.

1.4   Do not forget to fill the form “paskirtis” and specify your VAT bill, order number, name and surname (of the person from which account the order was made).

2. Payment in cash.

2.1   For payment in cash. Using this way you will pay the money for the courier who will deliver your order. ATTENTION! This payment is valid only for those goods which are in stock. Other ways – you will not be able to use this payment. Paying in cash has additional cost - 4,84 EUR. Also, your order can not be bigger than 1000 EUR. Make sure you have the right amount of money before the courier arrives.

2.2   Your personal information will not be given to third countries. We assure you, that your personal information will be used only to form and deliver your order.


Information for transfering

  • JSC "Orewa"
  • AB Swedbank
  • A/s: LT 90 7300 0101 2575 6414
  • Bank code: 73000


International transfers

  • AB bank „Swedbank“, Savanorių  pr. 19, LT-03502,  Vilnius
  • IBAN: LT 90 7300 0101 2575 6414


3. Delivery.

3.1   We deliver orders using courier service. The order is delivered to the door of the house (withought bringing the order to the apartment). If you want us to deliver your order and bring it to your apartment, inform us during the ordering procedure.  It may have additional cost.

3.2   We will inform you about your order by e-mail.

3.3   All goods has their own delivery time, if there is no indicated delivery time – you will get your order during 2-3 days (after the payment day).

3.4   All prices and delivery prices is valid only in Lithuania. Goods are delivered to the front doors, withought bringing them to the apartment.

3.5   Furniture is delivered not assembled.

3.6   Delivery to Curonian Spit (Kuršių Nerija) has additional costs. Contact for more information –


When you receive your order from courier, make sure, that you inspect the package. If you notice any infringements (the package is wet, broken or has any other damage), you must fill the form with courier about infringements. Other way, if you will not fill the form, we will not be able to help you later, if you will have any complains. After filling the form with courier, contact us immediately by phone or e-mail (

Order can be received only by buyer or referred person. Make sure that you have our ID or other document that testifies your identity while taking your order.

Contact us for shipping to other countries:

Mob. +370 69823364

Email. :

Prices can vary considering your order.