Bed for children's ELLA

Classic bed for one or two children ELLA - always fashionable furniture style. Many beautiful, milled lines adorn the bed. Lithuanian beds for children - cute, their own, and high quality. Produced individually- inquire.

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Bed for children's ELLA – luxury in simplicity.

Bed for one or two children ELLA - always fashionable classic furniture style. The ELLA bed filled with light elegance is suitable for a small child and a teenager. The new model of the bed for children pays a lot of attention to detail. Milled details, selectable drawer handles create a classic but non-binding design.

External dimensions of the bed for children LxWxH
187x88x85 cm (upper mattress 180x80 cm, mattress in the drawer 170x80 cm)
207x98x85 cm (upper mattress 200x90 cm, mattress in the drawer 190x90 cm)

Height to get on/off the bed 39,5 cm (without mattress).
The bed grille is suitable for both HR foam polyurethane and latex mattresses.
The front of the bed drawer is 19 cm high.
Drawer with rubber wheels - for safe floor coverings.

Bedding options for children
Bed with a bed linen drawer - for one child.
Bed with a drawer for two children. The place for the second child to sleep is formed in a pull-out drawer.

The classic bed for children ELLA is made of ecological materials MDF / birch or solid birch. We would like to point out that our children's beds use hardened MDF (much stronger than the standard), which strongly affects the strength of the furniture. The highest quality A / B furniture birch panel was used for the production of children's beds from birch wood. No wood substitutes.

Children's bed decoration
We paint the beds for children with safe, extremely high-quality polyurethane paint from the American company Sherwin-Williams. Polyurethane is the king of paint. The paint complies with the safety standard EN 71-3: 2013 (suitable for children's furniture and toys). The surface of the furniture is resistant to abrasion, very pleasant to the touch, easy to clean. Experts will appreciate this, and buyers will feel the obvious advantage of paint as soon as they touch the surface of the furniture. White is painted as standard, but you have the option to choose your preferred color from the NCS color or stain catalogs.

The bed is ready for self-assembly.
Warranty: 2 years.
Made in Lithuania.



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Bed for children's ELLA

Bed for children's ELLA

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