Children's bed TIPILU

The construction of the children's bed TIPILU is related to the wigwam, so it will allow you to dive not only into the world of sweet dreams but also into fantasies. The bed is made of pine wood, of various sizes, colors. You can choose a bed without a drawer, with a drawer, with two drawers, or with a sleeping drawer. Free delivery in Lithuania.

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The TIPILU bed resembles a wigwam design, so it will be fun to play Indian games and tired of diving into the realm of sweet dreams.

Beds for children TIPILU description

Bed sizes according to the mattress: 160x80, 180x80, 180x90, 190x80, 190x90, 200x90 cm.

Bed height: 144 cm.

Bed width: +13 cm according to the width of the mattress.

Bed length: +12 cm according to the length of the mattress.

For example, the external dimensions of a children's bed TYPE:

Material: pine wood.

Finish: Selects colors from the displayed color palette. Painted with safe, water-based paint.

Bed bottom: wooden grill.

Bedload: up to 190 kg.

Bed choice: without drawer, with bed linen drawer, with two drawers, with sleeping drawer.

The furniture is delivered unassembled. All necessary parts, fittings, instructions for assembly are provided.

Warranty: 2 years.

Free delivery in Lithuania.


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Children's bed TIPILU

Children's bed TIPILU