Bed for children HOUSE PLUS

Wooden bed for children HOUSE PLUS - safe, strong, and playful. The bed is made of pine wood. You can choose from a variety of bed drawers. Various sizes and available colors.

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Wooden bed for children HOUSE PLUS

Available sizes by mattress: 160x80, 180x80, 180x90, 190x80, 190x90, 200x90 cm.
Height: 181 cm.
Length: +7 cm according to the mattress.
Width: +9 cm according to the mattress.
The distance from the ground to the roof is 115 cm.

Bed without mattress. Mattresses are available in addition.

The core set includes:
safety barriers,
wooden frame,
mounting element set,
assembly instructions.

Why choose this bed for children?
The bed is made of a traditional raw material - pine.
Colors: The bed can be ordered in any color from the color palette in the gallery.
Certified and odorless paint - the bed is painted with water-based paint, safe for children, meeting strict European standards.
Durable, unique bed construction and sturdy frame.
The maximum load of the bed is about 190 kg.
Beautiful decoration of any interior.

Bed protection is already included. It is possible to replace the standard bed protection with removable day protection - optional.

The drawer is a very functional bed accessory. Our drawer has a front and sides made of wood and a durable HDF board bottom. We can easily put bedding, pajamas or toys in it, so the child's room will be tidy. Special cut-outs at the front of the drawer make it easy to pull it out.
Front height: 19 cm.
Depth: 63 cm.
Height of sides and back: 12 cm.

Beds for children HOUSE PLUS options are available
Bed for a child without a drawer.
Bed for a child with a drawer.
Bed for a child with two drawers.
Bed for children with sleeping rack. Use a mattress 10 cm shorter than the top of the bed, an 8 cm high mattress is recommended.

Colors: Optional.

  • The bed is delivered unassembled.
  • Quality guarantee: 2 years.
  • Country of manufacture: Europe.


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Bed for children HOUSE PLUS

Bed for children HOUSE PLUS