Continental beds VENERA

Continental bed VENERA - everything is complete for sleeping: 7-zone Pocket spring mattress, polyurethane mattress. A choice of tapestry is available. Different sizes. A modern vacuum cleaner falls perfectly under the bed. 

Availability: Production time 4-6 weeks.


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Continental bed VENERA - everything is complete for sleeping. The bed goes well with both modern and classic or Provencal interiors.

About the bedroom bed VENERA

Available bed sizes:
200x120 cm - L (length x W (width) x H (height): 211x120x132,5 cm)
200x140 cm - L (length x W (width) x H (height): 211x140x132,5 cm)
200x160 cm - L (length x W (width) x H (height): 211x160x132,5 cm
200x180 cm - L (length x W (width) x H (height): 211x140x132,5 cm).

Lying / sitting height from the ground: 71 cm.

Bed composition:

Two single beds: H-27 cm. Wooden frame 12 cm with 13 cm Bonell type springs and polyurethane foam VB2540-2 cm floor. The parts are covered with tapestry.

Bed mattress: H-23 cm. The mattress has 7 comfort zones. Composition: 15 cm pocket springs, wire thickness 1.8 mm, polyurethane foam VB3040 -3 cm floor on all sides. The mattress is covered with tapestry. Remember to turn the mattress over and over again every few months as this will extend its life.

Mattress: H-8 cm. Composition: polyurethane foam VB2220-4 cm, tufted with white foam mattress fabric "Roma" and the same tapestry "Monolith" as other parts of the bed at the edges. The mattress is cleaned chemically.

Headboard: H-132,5 cm (height) x 11 cm (width). The curved headboard with a delicate edge gives the bed romance.

Bed legs: H-13 cm metal.

Available colors of bed tapestry Monolit: 02,09,37,63,77,84, 92.
Tapestry Monolith is a soft and durable plush fabric. It is covered with a special protective layer that prevents the absorption of liquids into the fabric, so if you spill liquids, you can wipe them with a soft cloth. This material has an extremely high resistance to abrasion, does not fluff. It is a shady fabric that tends to change hue depending on the lighting.

A quality guarantee provided: 2 years.

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Continental beds VENERA

Continental beds VENERA