Continental bed VENTA

Continental bed VENTA is ready for a sweet sleep. The price of the bed is provided without delivery - negotiable.

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Continental bed VENTA for a sweet sleep.

Bed sizes according to the mattress: 120x200 and 140x200 cm.

The total length of the bed: 210 cm.

Lying height: 49.5 cm.

Bed frame: 21 cm. Wooden frame and Bonel springs with polyurethane foam overlay.

Bed mattress: 17 cm. Pocket springs form 5 zones of softness, and the polyurethane overlay provides softness. The spring blocks are additionally reinforced with a metal frame. Remember to flip the mattress regularly.

Mattress: 5 cm profiled polyurethane foam for better airflow into the mattress. The cover is cleaned chemically, used.

Head of the bed: 121x10x106 cm or 141x10x106 cm.

Metal bed legs: 6.5 cm.

Tapestry: microfiber fabric pleasant to the touch, soft, visible structure, limited fluid absorption.

Warranty: 2 years.

Note. The price of the bed is provided without delivery. We will provide a pick-up service at an additional cost.

We make an individual bed purchase and sale agreement.

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Continental bed VENTA

Continental bed VENTA