Sofas 3-seater DANGUS

Sofa 3-seater DANGUS - modern design furniture for the living space. Velor tapestry MONOLITH: optional colors. You can choose a seat with polyurethane foam or springs. Sofa metal legs. Size L x W x H: 212x89x94 cm. In addition, a double sofa, armchair, and pouf in this collection are available.

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Triple sofas DANGUS with metal legs - modern design furniture for the living area.

External dimensions of the sofa L (length) x W (width) x H (height): 212x89x94 cm.

Tapestry MONOLITH: 02, 09, 37, 63, 77, 84, 92. Tapestry is a soft and durable plush fabric. It is covered with a special protective layer that prevents the absorption of liquids into the fabric, so if you spill liquids, you can wipe them with a soft cloth. This material has an extremely high resistance to abrasion, does not fluff. It is a shady fabric that tends to change hue depending on the lighting.

Optional seat:
Seat with springs: pocket springs, polyurethane foam HR 3532, polyurethane floor HR 3030.
Seat with polyurethane foam: polyurethane foam VB 3040, polyurethane foam HR 3030.

Softback cushions: 50 % PES balls, 50 % chopped polyurethane.

Furniture legs: metal, black, 15 cm high.

In addition, you can buy a 2-piece sofa, armchair, pouf.

Warranty: 2 years.
Furniture is not on display, orders are only available online.


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Sofas 3-seater DANGUS

Sofas 3-seater DANGUS