Children's furniture set VIGA

Children's furniture set VIGA - Scandinavian design expression.

Made of white melamine plate / oiled beech.

Choose your favorite VIGA furniture for your child's room yourself.

Availability: delivery time 4-5 weeks.


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Collection VIGA - furniture for youth.

VIGA is a universal set of children and youth furniture. It is characterised by a characteristic timeless Scandinavian design. The furniture is made of the highest quality laminated board combined with natural oil beech wood. The characteristic legs make the bodies look lighter and respond to the newest trends. The corners of surfaces are rounded to make them safer while all doors and drawers are equipped with the soft closing system. Additionally, there is a possibility to buy textiles which can make the furniture unique. Charmingly spotted overlays are made of dirt resistant material and can be removed any time without leaving any visible marks. Size, functionality, and universal colours of the bodies make them suitable for every room arrangement while the needs of the growing child are changing.

External dimensions: L - length x W - width x H - height.

VIGA 2 drawer chest 96 x 55 x 95 cm,

VIGA 3 drawer chest 96 x 55 x 95 cm,

VIGA 2 door wardrobe 96 x 55 x 186 cm,

VIGA 3 door wardrobe 144 x 55 x 186 cm,

VIGA shelf 70,5 x 44 x 186 cm,

VIGA desk 120 x 58 x 75 cm,

VIGA bed 205 x 98 x 57 cm (mattress 200x90 cm),

VIGA bed drawer 149 x 85 x 15,5 cm,

VIGA hanging shelf 96,5 x 73 x 19,5 cm,

Guard rail VIGA 70 x1,5 x 20 cm.

Mattress for cots 120x60 or 140x70 cm SENSITIVE h-11 cm:
- modern design mattress adapted for children;
- a strong layer of polyurethane foam base, removable layer of natural latex;
- free air circulation through horizontal and vertical ventilation ducts;
- hard, safe edge improves safety and facilitates first steps;
- one layer of the mattress can be removed and placed in the refrigerator by twisting it in a roll - this prevents mites from breeding and the mattress is additionally cleaned.

Quarantee: 2 yaers.

Made in EU.

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Children's furniture set VIGA

Children's furniture set VIGA