Children's bunk bed URWIS

The bunk bed for children URWIS can be divided into two single beds. Material: pine/MDF. 

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Prekė: Children's bunk bed URWIS

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URWIS bunk bed for children is made of the highest quality pine wood and painted MDF. For the safety of the puppies, all the edges have been rounded and the paint used in the production is very safe. The advantage of our beds is the frame used in them. It consists of wooden boards connected to the strip, which means a maximum load of 190 kg, which is significantly more than with the Flex frame. The wood used for production is FSC certified.

The bunk bed for children URWIS can be divided into two single beds.

size of the bed (according to the mattress) cm: 160x80, 180x80, 180x90, 190x80, 200x90 cm;

bed length: obtained by adding +7 cm to the length of the mattress;
bed width: obtained by adding +8 cm to the width of the mattress;
height: 160 cm;
distance between mattresses: 80 cm;
bed head height: 69 cm;
sleeping place: for two children;
materials: pine / MDF;
wood thickness: 2.2 cm;
load: up to 190 kg for each bed separately;
universal boarding: left / right side;
ladder: 36 cm wide.
bed without drawer: selectable position;
bed with one drawer (63 cm wide): selectable position;
bed with two drawers (63 cm wide): optional position;
bed with sleeping drawer - with wooden grills.

Bed protection:
bed without protection;
bed with protection.

Color: optional.

The bed is ready for self-assembly.
Warranty: 2 years.

Made in the EU.

The bed is without a mattress. Mattresses are available as an option

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ilgai ieškojau dviaukštės lovos vaikams, lovos Urwis pranašumas, kad didesnis tarpas tarp lovų 80 cm pirmo ir antro aukšto, įprastai kitų tik 70 cm, bei kad atlaiko didesnį svorį, abu vaikai būna, kad sulipa į antrą aukštą, lova stovi stabiliai , nors kartosi vaikai per visas puses. Patariu pirkt 90 cm pločio, tuomet laisvai galit atsigulti šalia migdyti vaikus.

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Children's bunk bed URWIS

Children's bunk bed URWIS