Comfortable latex mattress with thermoelastic profiled plate, enriched with massage function. Double-sided mattress with 14 cm high latex core and 3.5 cm Viscool foam. An anti-allergic product with good air circulation for consumers of all ages and without weight restrictions.

Hardness: H2. H3 can also be produced.

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Prekė: Latex mattress BADY COMFORT LAGUNA

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Latex mattress BADY COMFORT LAGUNA - Enjoy a relaxing surface with a massage feature.

Mattress composition: perforated 7 orthopedic comfort zones, natural latex foam board - 14 cm thick and 3.5 cm thick Viscool thermoelastic foam board. Thermoelastic foam maintains proper blood circulation when the baby is in contact with the mattress, which reduces the need to change position during sleep. Viscool foam works "refreshingly" without warming the user's body, which has a positive effect on the temperature of the top layer of the mattress and better moisture control. Viscool foam also has a massage feature that increases rest comfort and reduces muscle tension. Depending on the production batch, the viscous foam comes in various colors (blue, yellow, white). Latex contains min. 20% natural resin of hevea brasiliensis. Latex in one block. Seven differentiated comfort zones inside latex mattresses create a uniform support surface for the sleeping person's body. Natural latex has key properties that prevent the growth of bacteria and mites. On one side is a 55kg / m3 layer of Viscool thermoelastic foam.

The mattress weighs from 20 kg (80/200 cm) to 44 kg (180/200). Mattress height about 22 cm.

APPLICATION: Beds and bedrooms, user unlimited weight.

NOTES: Medium hard, double-sided mattress, two functional sides. Requires frame, flat or flexible, with spacing of lamella 3-5 cm. Mattress, delivered to the customer in twisted or folded half - depending on size.

Manufactured warranty.

Mattress Covers: The AEGIS NATURAL CARE cushion has no side cushioned mattress ventilation, other cushions like TENCEL SILKY FEELING, ALOE GREEN POWER, BAMBOO have a Climaband 3D cushioned, side cushion ventilation mesh.
Climaband 3D

AEGIS NATURAL CARE fabric is one of the most hygienic mattress covers. At the manufacturing stage, knitted fabric uses innovative, advanced medical technology solutions - "protective shield" or antimicrobial and antibacterial, odorless, colorless coating to protect against bacteria, fungi, mold and dust mites. The finish becomes part of the material, remaining on the surface to which it has been applied throughout its life. The use of Aegis technology in the mattress cover provides it with protective and preventive functions. Made with Aegis Microbe Shield technology, it is healthy, friendly to humans, animals and the environment. Because of its selective action against unwanted microorganisms, AEGIS stands at the forefront of all anti-allergic tissues. Composition: 30% cotton, 70% polyester, AEGIS finish.
APPLICATION: For external use on mattresses for infants, older children and adults.
NOTES: Aegis Natural Care knitted fabric is odorless, soft, washable and reusable. Machine washable up to 60 ° C. Eco-Tex Standard 100 certified.

TENCEL SILKY FEELING knitted fabrics are often chosen by conscious customers due to the unique Tencel® nanofiber technology based on 100% natural cellulose fiber (eucalyptus wood fiber from sustainable plants). The knitwear focuses on its strength, resilience, elasticity and silky touch. Thanks to its unique hydrophilic properties, Tencel® fibers provide excellent moisture absorption (evenly absorbed), which in turn has a positive impact on ease of use. Cellulose fibers absorb 50% more moisture than cotton. The TENCEL SILKY FEELING fabric is eco-friendly and has all the benefits of cotton comfort, polyester durability, viscose elasticity and delicate silky touch. Due to the constant humidity level, Tencel yarns also have antistatic properties. This feature helps you sleep better, helps relax the muscular system and allows you to fully relax at night. Eko-Tex Standard 100 certified. Materials: 30% viscose tencel and 70% polyester.
APPLICATION: For external use as mattress covers for children and older users.
NOTES: Knitted fabric has the ability to absorb moisture, breathes well, is antistatic, has a nice silky touch, is strong and durable. Provides a high level of comfort. The mattress cover can be washed gently at 60 ° C.

The ALOE GREEN POWER knit mattress look belongs to the wellness fabric group. The well-known, soothing and healing effects of aloe were used by the Egyptians thousands of years ago. Aloe Vera-based fabric not only provides softness and freshness, but also maintains harmony with body and nature. It has protective functions, provides comfort, cools, stimulates blood circulation, has anti-stress properties. The specific finish odor prevents insects. The white and green ALOE GREEN POWER mattress cover is pleasant to the touch and creates a relaxing sleep environment. Knitted fabric with aloe vera finish, rich in vitamins, minerals, amino acids and enzymes, is very effective when used. The cover is antibacterial and anti-allergic. It has a high resistance to repeated washing up to 60 ° C and cleaning. Breathable and suitable for sunny areas due to its ability to absorb UV rays. Eko-Tex Standard 100 certified. Material composition: viscose 30%, polyester 70%, aloe vera gel.
USE: Knitted fabric is used to make modern and breathable mattress covers for infant, child and adult mattresses.
NOTES: The cover is suitable for gentle washing at 60 ° C. Thanks to its UV absorption, it is ideal for sunny areas.
Mattress cover ALOE GREEN POWER

The BAMBOO knit mattress cover is extra soft, velvety and luxurious. Extremely fluffy mattress fabric made of soft and thin fibers (16-18 gr micrometers) made from bamboo wood is a perfect match for the trendy products. This line of bamboo mattress covers provides an extraordinary touch of touch - the finest and softest material straight from nature. The quality of the knitted fabric is determined by the properties of the fiber and the yarn, the material structure and the exceptional service life of the product. Being an expensive raw material, bamboo fibers are characterized by their small diameter, surface smoothness and short staple length. They have exceptional abrasion resistance and excellent breathability. The fabric is delicate, silky and delicate. Bamboo fiber softens the yarn, provides excellent mattress breathing and thermoregulation. Eko-Tex Standard 100 certificate. The cover made of bamboo fabric is hygienic and anti-allergenic. Fiber Composition: Viscose 24%, Polyester 65%, Bamboo Fibers 11%. The cover is suitable for gentle washing at 60 ° C.
USAGE: The mattress cover is ideal for a newborn or adult user in the bedroom.
APPLICATION: Knitted fabric is used to make modern and breathable covers for baby, child and adult mattresses.
Mattress cover BAMBOO

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