Wooden bed CHARLES

Wooden bed CHARLES

Wooden bed CHARLES

Bedroom bed CHARLES is great for seniors as it is tall, so it's convenient to sit on it. Bottom: wooden grill, with bed linen and raised bottom of the bed. Part of the Lithuanian furniture collection CHARLES.

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Bedroom bed CHARLES. A simple, straightforward bed will give your bedroom peace of mind. The bed is so high, so it will be great for seniors as well. It's comfortable not only to sleep but sit on it. This is especially true for older people. The backside protects the walls from lubrication. Pull soft pillows and have stable support. Enjoy coffee/tea or read a book while sitting in bed.

Massive bed CHARLES made of birch/ ash wood panel (100%).

Wooden bed grilles with suitable spacers and latex mattresses.

You can choose a CHARLES bed with a storage box, lift the bottom of the bed. In this option, there will be a metal-raised bed frame with a curved grille with plastic nozzles. Under the bed there will be a large and capacious box of bedding - you can put a lot of things. With the lifting mechanism, you can easily lift bed-boards with a mattress and reach the desired items.

High-quality polyurethane varnishes, stains, and paints are used for finishing the furniture.

Part of the Lithuanian furniture collection CHARLES.

You can also buy furniture from this collection: a bedside table, a chest of drawers, a writing desk, a 2-3-4 cabinet, and a mattress table with a mirror.

We will produce furniture for this collection of CHARLES according to your individual needs: we will select the desired color, we will change the size according to your size.

Provided 24 months quality guarantee.

Produced in Lithuania.



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Wooden bed CHARLES

Wooden bed CHARLES