TIPI tents - 716

TIPI (716) tents will appeal to children and will give them a lot of fun.

Different TIPI tents for children: 

MINI set,

MAX set,

MEGA set.

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TIPI (716) tents for children will fascinate children and give them a lot of fun while playing.

Different Teepee tents for children: tent for tent, MINI or MEGA sets - choose your favorite:

MINI set: material tarpaulin + wooden sticks with ligament + 2 decorative feathers.

MAX set: material tarpaulin + wooden sticks with ligament + 2 decorative feathers + soft mat.

MEGA set: material tarpaulin + wooden sticks with ligament + 2 decorative feathers + soft mat + 3 cushions.

TIPI Tent is a great addition to your child's room. It is suitable for kindergartens and play rooms. Can be a great gift for a child's birthday. Use it for children hiding games, reading, relaxing at the beach, picnic in nature, parties, photo sessions. Create wonderful memories with TIPI Tent.

The tent can be easily washed.

The total height of the built tent is 150 cm, the inner height is 120 cm, the base size is 130x130 cm.

TIPI tent for children is made of quality fabrics (100% cotton) and pine wood sticks (180 cm) for long use. The special tent design is easy to assemble - you just need to separate the wooden sticks at the bottom and place the tent on the top of the rope. There is a window with a curtain on the side of the tent. TIPI tent has special straps on the sides, which can be used to tie the entrance to the tent curtains. When the curtain is folded out, the tent will become a real hiding place for fun.

Two-sided play mat, is available in two shades, with carpeting, filled with soft hypo-allergenic materials. It has special fastening at the ends of the loop, making the tent more stable and safer. Gaming mat size: 116x116 cm.

The soft pads for the TIPI tent are helpful for resting. 3 cushion set TIPI: heart shaped cushion (35x40 cm), square cushion (38x38 cm), star shaped cushion (38x38 cm).

Decorative feathers TIPI tent made of felt material.

Provides manufacturer quality assurance.

Made in the EU.

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TIPI tents - 716

TIPI tents - 716