Carriage for dolls EMILIE RETRO

Carriage for dolls EMILIE RETRO.

Classical dolls carriage.

Retro is back into fashion. Our mothers/grandparents' memories come alive again in our girls with carriages.

Ah the sweet spots,air bubbles, so lured into a fantasy world ...

Technical data:

⦁ Height: 88 cm.

⦁ Width: 47 cm.

⦁ Length: 84 cm.

⦁ Weight: 6 cm.

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Carriage for dolls EMILIE RETRO.


frame of the cart with wheels and the basket, shed, the small mattress.

Description of the function of the prams:

pram extremely robust and durable, lock to prevent accidental submission of pram, foldable and removable gondola measuring: 63 cm x 30 cm x 14 cm, basket for toys, solid metal frame with the possibility of going to the dimensions 20 cm x 70 cm x 47 cm.

Specifications: height: 88 cm, width: 47 cm, length: 84 cm, weight: 5,7 kg.




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Carriage for dolls EMILIE RETRO

Carriage for dolls EMILIE RETRO