Pillow for children 4x30x6 cm MEILUTE (cats)

Pillow for children 4x30x6 cm MEILUTE (cats)

Pillow for children 4x30x6 cm MEILUTE (cats)

Latex Pillow 40x30x6 cm MEILUTE is a great help for a small child to sleep. Pillow - 100% latex with perforation to provide excellent ventilation. The soft, cotton zippered zipper will meet the expectations of the most demanding parents. Recommended for age + 1 and older than sleep or travel cushion. Do not lie, does not cause allergies. NOTE. Sold only after purchasing a mattress.

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Prekė: Pillow for children 4x30x6 cm MEILUTE (cats)

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The pillow MEILUTE is for children over 1 year of age. Due to its small size and flexibility (easy adaptation) and unique design, the child will be able to sleep comfortably, as well as by car or plane. The flat side perfectly adheres to the base, the second one is perforated, giving the latex optimum hardness and proper airflow. Pillow with profiled edges and outer cover made of 100% cotton, suitable for re-washing. The exceptional elasticity and softness of the latex pillow affect the optimal position of the spine and the child's head during the rest. MEILUTE latex cushion consists of a medium-density perforated latex applied to a soft, breathable white inner scanner. The cushion also has outer knitwear made of 100% cotton with subtle pastel markings. Knitwear has Eko-tex standard 100 certificates and Textile Research Institute certificates: safe for children, safe for babies, and people-friendly.

Size: 40x30x6 cm.

APPLICATION: 1+-year-olds (over 1-year-old) - as the first pillow. For older children and adults - as a comfortable pillow for bed or as a travel pillow.

NOTES: The outer cover can be washed at 60° C. In special circumstances - severe product contamination - you can also wash the latex insert at 40° C (do not drill, eat). After drying under natural conditions, the cushion will retain its original shape.

Warranty: 2 years.

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Pillow for children 4x30x6 cm MEILUTE (cats)

Pillow for children 4x30x6 cm MEILUTE (cats)