Luxurios baby bedding FLOWER

Luxury baby bedding FLOWER fascinates with its design, exceptional quality and elegance. Soft appliqués give the bedding romance and glamor. Knit cotton is extremely delicate and cozy, making it suitable for even the most sensitive-skinned child.

Choice: 5 or 6 pieces.

Colors: ecru, pink.

Packed in a gift box.

Availability: delivery time 2-4 weeks.


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Bedding FLOWER for baby sleep. The bedding is made of knitted cotton and is suitable for babies with even the most sensitive skin. A combination of amazing design, exceptional quality and subtle elegance.

Fillers use HOLLOW fiber, which is completely atypical. The hollow fiber is easily distributed throughout the bedding, gives it a fluffy feel, distributes heat well, does not fall off, and therefore retains long-lasting properties. This fiber has a positive response from the Institute of Hygiene and is therefore recommended for people with allergies. Their main advantage is that it prevents dust mites, microorganisms, molds, fungi, and therefore factors that cause the spread of child rashes and allergies, compared to other fillers.

Select the desired set:

Set of 5 pieces: blanket 100x135 cm, pillow 40x60 cm, duvet cover, pillowcase, sheet 160x100 cm.

Set of 6 pieces: duvet 100x135 cm, pillow 40x60 cm, duvet cover, pillow case, bed sheet 160x100 cm + bumper.

Made in the EU.


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Luxurios baby bedding FLOWER

Luxurios baby bedding FLOWER