Pocket mattress for children JUNIOR BOX VISCO

Pocket mattress for children JUNIOR BOX VISCO

Pocket mattress for children JUNIOR BOX VISCO

JUNIOR BOX VISCO mattresses for children - looking for high-rise sprung mattresses with a soft surface. Composition: pocket springs 12 cm (260 pcs./m2) + 2 cm high-elastic, high density foam (from 3 sides) + 5 cm Visco foam. Mattress height about 22 cm. Suitable for children under 70 kg weight loss. Covers: AEGIS NATURA CARE or ALOE GREEN POWER.

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Spring mattresses for children JUNIOR BOX VISCO - looking for high mattresses with a soft surface.

Mattress for children JUNIOR BOX VISCO Description: Modern, high quality, small pocket springs - height 12 cm - DIN E 10270 with polymer cladding, metal frame.The number of springs 260 pcs. / M 2. The springs are surrounded by 3 sides. Each spring is packed in a separate pocket of durable and breathable fabric. This spring package provides the mattress with flexibility, rehabilitation, and quiet operation. Each spring operates independently providing optimal support to the pressure point. The spring block is covered with a very flexible, high density, 2 cm thick breathable foam. One side of the mattress is additionally covered with Visco foam 5 cm (layers without glue). Visco foam gives the mattress softness. They react to the body's warmth of the child and perfectly adjusts to the body's lobes, providing the ideal support. The use of foam on the outer layers extends the use of the mattress while providing proper circulation of air throughout the mattress. The pocket spring membrane material is hygienic.

The mattress cover can be easily removed (3-way zipper). It is recommended to wash in light speed mode up to 60° C. Knitwear: AEGIS NATURAL CARE (weighing 300 g) cotton/polyester, quilted fabric with 100 g bodyweight, airborne, non-allergenic material.

Aloe GREEN POWER can also be ordered with a viscose/polyester knitted fabric with an aloe vera gel without the transfer of bumper material from the bottom. Certificates: EcoTex Standard 100 and Safe for Kids.

The mattress weighs from 10 kg to 14 kg.

Mattress height about 22 cm.

For kids and couches, weighing less than 70 kg.

NOTES: medium-hard, duplex, anti-allergic mattress. Not recommended for use with flexible grill beds, buttocks, or head restraints.

JUNIOR BOX VISCO mattresses are not recommended for use at the top of double beds, taking into account that the safety rails can not be less than 40 cm.

Warranty: 2 years for the product.
Age group: from 2 years old.
Hardness: H2 (medium hardness).
HEIGHT: 22 cm.

Made in the EU.

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Pocket mattress for children JUNIOR BOX VISCO

Pocket mattress for children JUNIOR BOX VISCO