COMFORT furniture set for baby room

Furniture set COMFORT - more comfort in your daily routine. 

The set includes:

      • Wardrobe:  L x B x H - 125 x 65 x 188 cm.
      • Chest of 5 drawers: L x B x H - 120 x 72 x 98 cm.
      • Cot bed: L x B x H - 149 x 75 x 90 cm (matress size - 140x70 cm).

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Prekė: COMFORT furniture set for baby room

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Furniture set COMFORT for baby room - more comfort in your daily routine. 

Child's furniture is made of 100% birch array. Birch wood has been viewed from ancient times as having a positive effect on the surrounding environment. The energy produced by the tree is gentle, soothing, and therefore especially suitable for the child's sleep.

The luxurious, modern, lightweight closing / opening hinges and rails system is a pleasure to use in the furniture. By pressing the fingers, the door and drawer open / close themselves.

Finishing we use high quality, safe paint for children.


Wardrobe COMFORT. Size: L - 125 x B - 65 x H - 188 cm. The closet has two drawers for putting things together. Inside the shelves and the clamp for clothes to tie.
    Chest of 5 drawers COMFORT
. Size: L - 120 x B - 72 x H - 98 cm Extremely wide - definitely non-standard. It's convenient to develop a baby on such a surface. The side protectors will not allow you to slip out the development boards and things. Clicking a finger draws the drawer easily, which is especially useful when you want to quickly access small items. The chest of drawers has many drawers, so it will become one more, especially in a functional and extremely tall furniture room.
    Cot bed 140x70 cm COMFORT. S
ize L - 149 x B - 75 cm x H - 90 cm (mattress size 140x70 cm) + add-on board. This bed is for long lasting use. Suitable for birth to school. 3 bottom lifting positions: the highest that the mom does not need to bend in the low for the baby, the middle one - is used when the child tries to sit down and the lowest one - when the child is trying to reach the station. Lovytė does not have a built-in side-lift / lift mechanism, because we have abandoned it to achieve comprehensive baby security and safety protocols. We ensure that the spacing between the sticks is appropriate and safe. A child's foot is removable with one side of the bed and a screwed overboard that will help the child snap and pound it out of the bed, and the shield's protection will allow you to feel the area of the sleeping while it is still small. When the child is already growing - remove the side board and use the bed until it becomes tiny (close to the school). Lately, you will use it as a sofa-bed for a seduction - just add a cushion and be very nice.

Since it is not mass production furniture, they are given special attention during the production process. Each edge of the furniture is rounded up to be pleasant to touch and the surface of the furniture is melted like a silk. High quality furniture for the children's room COMFORT is a great investment that really pays to use.

Delivery of furniture to the house in Lithuania is free of charge.

Furnishings are guaranteed a 2 year guarantee.

Made in Lithuania Orewa, UAB.

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COMFORT furniture set for baby room

COMFORT furniture set for baby room