Couch for kids VLS001

The classic stylist couch for kids VLS001 is designed for one or two children to sleep. The soft couch does not occupy much space in the room and is a comfortable piece of furniture for the daily rest of children.

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Couch for kids VLS001 - designed to make life soft and comfortable. VLS001 is a synthesis of minimalist and classic design, an ultra-slim back, and a compact armrest - the couch for kids doesn't take up much space!

  • External couch dimensions L x W x H: 219x88x86 cm.
  • Sleeping area L x W: 200x160 cm.
  • The sitting height from the ground is 54 cm.
  • Seating part: springs BONELL and high-density polyurethane.
  • ultra-thin backrest, and compact armrest.
  • Thanks to the integrated sleeping function, the soft daybed VLS001 can be transformed into a comfortable bed for two children.
  • Beechwood and birch plywood are used to make the frame. These materials will give the couch strength and durability.
  • Large-cap, pull-out drawers for bedbugs with rubberized wheels and a lid that protects against dust.
  • The children's couch also has 2 elongated cushion-rolls and 4 small, rectangular cushions for comfortable relaxation, and coziness.
  • The couch is made of high-quality materials that guarantee comfort and durability.

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  • Additional information
  • The external dimensions of the couch are not changed or non-standard are not produced.
  • The couch is not shown- you can only buy online.
  • Manufacturer's quality guarantee.
  • We can enter into an individual furniture purchase-sale agreement.

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Couch for kids VLS001

Couch for kids VLS001