Bed MADAM GLAMOUR - Sophistication in your bedroom. The subtle luxury fits perfectly into the bedroom's interior. The classic MADAM GLAMOR bedding design gives you pleasant dreams. Individual furniture production. We distinguish from other manufacturer's lightweight furniture, plastic line, ultra-soft finishing surface, and the use of high-quality materials.

Availability: Individual production time 6-8 weeks.


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Bed MADAM GLAMOUR - Sophistication in your bedroom. The subtle luxury fits perfectly into the bedroom's interior. The refined classic bedding MADAM GLAMOR design gives you pleasant dreams. This bed can stand in any room interior.

About the bed MADAM GLAMOR

Ribbed legs - a lightweight edge. At the time of King Louis, this became an integral part of the trendy furniture. The classic does not go out of fashion and is successfully applied in modern furniture.

The bed is made of birch or ash wood. We do not use any wood substitutes. A wood-conscious choice to give the bed a durable, cozy, warm aura.

Size L-length x B-width x H-height:

211 x 135 x 82.5 cm (200 x 120)
211 x 155 x 82.5 cm (200 x 140)
211 x 175 x 82.5 cm (200 x 160)
211 x 195 x 82.5 cm (200 x 180)
211 x 215 x 82.5 cm (200 x 200)

Wooden bed grill.

Made with an uphill bottom. Metal bed frame with flexible bottom grilles. A "hanging" bed linen is formed.

Soft Chester back piece, which will give the beds softness. Optional desired tapestry according to the client's wishes. Over time, this item is easy to remove and refresh.
Beds are decorated with safe, high-quality paint. Polyurethane is a king of paints. The painted surface is pleasant to the touch, resistant to friction.

The bed is delivered to the client in an unpacked house, in boxes of corrugated cardboard.

Provided 24 months quality guarantee.

Produced in Lithuania.

We produce non-standard bedroom furniture.



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