Soft bed VLS002

The soft, double bed VLS002 is designed for a comfortable sleep. The bedroom bed comes with a mattress and mattress pad with 5 soft zones pocket springs. The beds are made without a bed linen box or with a bed linen box.

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The soft and comfortable bed VLS002 is made of high-quality materials.
The bed is sold together with a mattress of 5 soft zones pocket springs and a hygienic mattress HR polyurethane foam 35 kg/m³, which ensures comfortable conditions for a good night's sleep.


Bed sizes: 140×200, 160×200, 180×200, 200 × 200 cm
The total length of the bed: 215 cm
Seat height: 63 cm
Head height: 131 cm

The bed can be made optionally: with or without a box for bedding.
Bed without bed linen box: the lower frame is with BONELL springs and the mattress is with 5-zone pocket springs, so the bedroom bed is stable and comfortable. The frame is made of solid wood.
Bed with bed linen box: two spacious bed linen boxes that open with the help of gas hinges. The frame is made of solid wood, and the bedding box is made of laminated MDP (chipboard). The mattress is equipped with 5-zone pocket springs.

Bed top mattress: HR polyurethane foam 35 kg / m³.

Bed leg height
Bed with bed linen box: 5 cm
Bed without bed linen box: 11 cm

The headboard can be made with three or two sections optionally.

In addition, you can buy bedside cabinets.

WE RECOMMEND tapestries for the bed (* marked are velour)

1 category. See tapestries

Category 2. See the tapestries at
Palermo *, Monza *, Aldo, Amadeo, Aspen, Bormio, Panama.

Category 3. See the tapestries at
Velvet *, Davos *, Berlin *, Belisimo, Dubai, Dover, Alicante, Amigo, Avolon, Bermuda, Dino, Modena, Nepal, Oxford, Romano, Sahara, Soho. GRANDE.

Category 3 + 10%. See tapestries at Platinum *.

You can also submit your own tapestry.

Soft beds are made of high-quality materials that guarantee comfort and durability.

Warranty: 2 years.

Country of origin: Lithuania.

The price of the bed is provided without delivery. Delivery is coordinated individually.

We can conclude an individual purchase and sale agreement.

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Soft bed VLS002

Soft bed VLS002